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Frequently Asked Question

We understand that you might have questions, so we have added information on the most common queries below. Please take your time to go through them, and be assured we are ready to answer any questions not contained herein. kindly, send us a message via

Making an Order

Can I just place an order for any drug I want from the site?

Yes, you can buy any product you need from the site by logging onto the shop. However, controlled drugs will require an extra layer of clearance, via confirming with your prescriber or checking in with our medical team.

Must I register before I can buy anything from the site?

No, you can buy anything and check out, once you are logged onto the online shop. However, registration makes it easy for us to provide better pharmaceutical services to you.

Is the service confidential?

Our services to you are totally confidential. No one, except the pharmacy staff and prescribers, has access to your medication data and order history. Moreover, we are bound by medical ethics to keep patient information secret.

Is the packaging discreet?

Yes, we package and seal your medication in opaque packaging before putting them in our branded bags. We do not joke with your privacy.

Where do you deliver to?

We can deliver to anywhere within Nigeria and West Africa via our partner courier/ transport companies. However, for now, same day delivery, within 30 minutes is assured for orders within Enugu city and state.

Do I need a prescription to order products?

No, you can either log on and fill your prescription if you already have one, or you can explain your health condition to Pharm Josy and receive guidance or you can enter the Dot3 Clinic and consult a doctor.

How long would it take before delivery?

Delivery within Enugu city is 30 minutes and within 2 hours for delivery outside the city. Every other location within Nigeria, for now, takes a maximum time of 48hours, until we establish presence in those cities.

What if I'm not at home?

No problem, we can meet you at any location you provide. You will be reached on phone once your products are ready. However, if we get to any address and meet your absence, our dispatch riders will spend a maximum of 15 minutes before leaving. Returning to the location will attract another delivery cost.

How much does it cost for delivery?

Delivery within Enugu city is only N350. Cost for every other location depends on the distance.

Can I pay on delivery?

Yes, you can order your drugs and pay for them on delivery. However, we do not accept cash and every payment shall be made via POS.

Do I need to sign for my delivery?

Yes, all orders for medications require a signature on receipt of delivery. If you are not in to receive your medication, it will be sent back and returned at another time, at your own cost.

Can you deliver fridge items?

Yes, we have a cold chain system for drugs and we maintain the temperature until you receive it.

Why do you require to perform an ID check?

We perform ID check to ensure it is the individual that ordered for a drug that receives it. We do not joke with drug safety and also privacy issues.

Are medicines provided genuine?

We maintain the same supply chain as our parent company. Inland medical company is 60 years in operation now and we enjoy enormous good will.

What if I need a controlled drug?

Controlled drugs are not meant to be freely accessible to the general public, for the good of the consumer. If you require to purchase a controlled drug, you will need to upload a proper prescription, have your doctor, who must be signed up on our platform, call to confirm your requirement for the controlled drug or contact our clinic for a doctor’s guidance.

How can I contact Dot3 Pharmacy?

You can reach Dot3 Pharmacy by sending a message to or call ...

Does Dot3 online pharmacy have a physical location?

Yes, we are going to have physical pharmacies in all the major cities in Nigeria and Africa. Currently, our pharmacy is at 261 Ogui rd, adjaent the fire service.

Ask Pharm Josy

What kind of questions can I ask Pharm Josy?

You can ask Pharm Josy any question bothering on your health and Wellness. Thus, you can ask questions about any medical condition, treatment options, disease prevention strategies and the 8 dimensions of Wellness (physical, spiritual, emotional, occupational, social, environmental, financial and intellectual).

Are there particular times that I can contact him?

Pharm Josy is available from 7am through 9pm. Calls after 9pm must be an emergency.

Via which platforms can I reach Pharm Josy?

We use all the available Telemedicine options. You can contact Pharm Josy via telephone, whatsapp call, Zoom and Skype.

Can I get directions on my private prescriptions?

Yes, you can call Pharm Josy before you buy your drugs to help you ensure you buy the right medications. You should call too in a case you require directions on how to use your medications.

Can I get suggestions or prescriptions for minor ailments?

Yes, Pharm Josy can give you prescriptions for minor ailments.

How would I receive my prescription?

Your prescription will be sent to the account you opened on our web page or mobile app.

Dot3 Clinic

Do I get to consult a doctor here?

Yes, you can log onto the clinic and interact with a doctor, real time online.

What kind of doctor is available in the clinic?

There are GPs (general practitioners) and some other specialist doctors available.

Is the consultation physical or online?

The clinic is an online clinic. However, if there's a need to meet your doctor offline, it could be arranged.

What’s the cost for consulting at the clinic?

Consulting at the Dot3 Clinic ranges from N1000 to 7,000.

What if I need a controlled drug?

It is possible to get some controlled medication from the clinic but only after thorough assessment of need that would be conducted by our prescribers.

Will I need to get anything ready before meeting the doctor?

Yes please. Kindly think of the symptoms you feel and assemble the names of any medications you may have taken before seeking to see the doctor.

What should I do if I notice any side effects?

You can contact our GP immediately or simply call Dot3 pharmacy if you experience any side effects of treatment and seek immediate medical attention if side effects are severe.

Dot3 Medical Lab

Can I conduct my laboratory test from my home or office?

Yes! You can contact Dot3 medical laboratory to come over to your location for specimen collection.

Would the specimen collected retain its integrity before the test is conducted?

Yes, there are ways to preserve collected specimens to maintain its integrity until it gets to the lab.

What kind of test can I run in this method?

Most lab tests can have samples collected in this way.

How long before I get my result?

Dot3 Medical Labs tries to ensure speed, accuracy and reliability. Most basic tests will be ready within 2 hours except the ones that require culture and incubation.

How would I get my result?

You can choose to get a print medical laboratory report or simply receive them via whatsapp to the phone number you supplied.

Who will interpret the lab result for me?

You can use the Ask Pharm Josy service to get interpretation, or log onto the clinic to see a doctor.
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