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Your first action when you feel unwell is to Ask your Dot3 Pharmacist! You should discuss your ailment with the pharmacist and expect one of the following outcomes: get
a prescription for minor ailments, get a referral to an appropriate doctor for your medical condition or get a referral to the laboratory for a test.
We don’t joke with our patient’s health and hence, we have several services to absolutely impress you with good service.
The below are services that our pharmacy team, led by
Pharm Josy can offer you:

1. Medication Management Services:
    ● Drug use directions: helping you understand how to take               your medications
    ● Medication reconciliation: when you take too many drugs,             including
   vitamins and supplements, we help you analyze every medication you take to avoid duplication, drug interaction, dosing errors etc
    ● Medication adherence: we can help you remember to take or stick to your
  ● Personal medical record: at risk of not knowing the medications you use, and
having to rack your brain each time a healthcare professional asks you the
medications you use, we can help you develop and maintain a personal medical
record that contains the meds you take and conditions you treat.

2. Drug Information Services:
● Patient education: knowledge and understanding of your medical condition and
of the drugs you take will quicken your recovery. We guide you all the way to
ensure you live your life optimally, regardless of any medical condition.
● Drug-drug interaction check: certain drugs don’t go together. Some may affect
the efficacy of others, or worsen their adverse effect. Pharm Josy and his team
offer professional services to both doctors and patients on detecting drug-drug
● Drug -food interaction check: it is not only drugs that can interact with each other. There are certain drugs that react with food. Some are better absorbed in the presence of food, while others are deactivated by food. Ask Pharm Josy about the drugs you are taking today.

● Recommendation for prescribers: we work hand in hand with doctors to suggest
the most appropriate drug treatment regimen for patients. The collaboration between healthcare professionals only ensures the patients benefit.

3. Prevention and Wellness:
● Guide to the 8 dimensions of wellness for healthy living: wellness is a proactive
choice to live a healthy life and prevent disease and ill health. Get drilled on the
different dimensions of wellness so you can live life, live healthy and live long.
● Guide to proper nutrition: proper nutrition is part of treatment and healthy life.
Get guidance on the effect of diet on your medication and on your health
● Weight loss: weight loss is easy but only when certain principles are followed. Get
guidance on how to lose weight from Pharm Josy who is a weight loss expert.
● Smoking cessation: addiction to cigarettes and indian hemp is difficult to
overcome. However, with guidance from our pharmacy team, one can overcome
this addiction. Get help today.
● Vaccination: get vaccinated against different deadly but preventable diseases
including typhoid fever, hepatitis, cervical cancer. 

● Health and wellness screening: be proactive. Know the state of our body by
getting screened for different diseases and gauging to know your body chemicals
are normal.
4. Chronic Disease Management: you probably see your doctor once in 3 months.
Thus, we are with you, hands on, at the times you can’t see your doctor, to help you with
the management of several chronic medical condition including:
● Diabetes
● Hypertension
● High blood cholesterol
● Obesity
● Erectile dysfunction
We note your treatment objectives with your doctor and we help monitor every vital sign
and give you support with your medications. A pharmacist will be assigned to you for a
personalized follow up.

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