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DOT3 pharmacy is part of the DOT3 Health and Fitness Center family, a health and wellness services organization designed to improve the quality of health of Africans all over Africa. We were incorporated in 2008 but wield an over 60 years experience in the community pharmacy industry by virtue of our parent company, Inland Medical Company Ltd. Dot3 online Pharmacy is the online expression of the 6 decades old Inland pharmacy and we aim to make the process of medical consultation, purchase of medication, follow up and refill easy, simple and cheap.


We envision a healthy and productive Africa.


Our Story

We are so proud of our heritage. Dot3 is an off-shoot of Inland Medical Company Ltd, an international pharmaceutical company mostly known for honesty, genuine medications and patient focus. Inland has excelled, is distinguished and is still powering in the field of community pharmacy in the city of Enugu. Starting in 1960, it is  the oldest community pharmacy in the state. 

Dot3 was created to bring innovation in the pharmaceutical industry without tampering with the already established systems of its parent company. With the inherent trait of vision, adaptability and knowledge, we’ve set out to digitize drug distribution and community pharmacy practice. Hence, we are creating this online platform for consulting with a pharmacist or doctor, purchasing of products and having them delivered promptly to customers. Above all, we are rolling out exceptional pharmaceutical care with our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services to everyone, especially anyone with a smart mobile phone. This simply implies that even people in the interior villages, who hitherto have access to only patent medicine vendors, can now have access to qualified and specialized healthcare professionals and its attendant quality healthcare.

In 2010, as Dot3 Health n Fitness Center,  we started the first Wellness center in the city of Enugu, with a Wellness pharmacy, Fitness center, Spa, Diet and Physiotherapy clinics. The business is still alive and well.

Through our Dot3 online pharmacy, we are deeply committed to ensuring everyone gets quality medication and pharmaceutical counseling, at the lowest price, and at the right time it’s needed. We believe distance shouldn’t be a barrier to getting quality healthcare. Moreover, we wish to bring convenience and privacy to our clients who would rather stay in their homes or offices to discuss their health conditions with a qualified medical practitioner via our various telemedicine platforms (telephone, whatsapp call, zoom or skype). 

We delight in adding meaning to life and with us, you will stay healthy, save time and spend less.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of health of Africans through improved access to medical diagnoses and consultation, genuine and low-priced medication  

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